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Terms and Conditions of Rental

Conditions applicable to SHORT TERM HOLIDAY RENTALS

I. I. Introduction

This document contains the general conditions applicable to property rental services purchased via HADRentals (trading as VILLASANDYOU) for accommodation in both properties which are exclusively managed by the company and in others where it merely provides support services to the owners offering their properties as holiday accommodation. For more details and specific information, please refer to the particular conditions of the property booked and your contract.

The following general property booking conditions are an inseparable part of the agreement between the occupant (herein ‘you’, the ‘customer’, the ‘occupant’) and the owner of the property (the owner’s legal information depends on the property and can be provided on request). You hereby understand that HADRentals is merely an intermediary and that the liability of this contract is only between you and the owner . Therefore, by signing this agreement you are agreeing to these conditions in their entirety, regardless of the media you use to make your booking: the HADRentals telephone booking centre, the HADRentals website (, or third party booking centres or websites of other agencies or tour operators with which HADRentals has agreements.

Additionally, by booking one of our villas, you accept its special conditions, which are specified in the contract sent to you.

II. Prices

For holiday rentals: The published rates for our portfolio of rental villas, houses and apartments will always be expressed as nightly rates. The minimum stay depends on the chosen property and dates, please ask us. Unless otherwise stated, these rates include all expenses (energy, taxes…)

For long term rentals: The published rates will be expressed as monthly rates. Unless otherwise stated, these rates do not include energy expenses which should be paid by the customer according to their consumption. For long term rentals of two months or more the customer will also be required to pay an administration fee (the amount will be mentioned in the details of the property on our website) and is a one time payment at the beginning of the rental.

Potential extra costs arising from the request of additional items not included in the villa, such as extra beds, fans, cots and high chairs, in addition to surcharges due to the accommodation of pets in the property, weekly bed linen changes, etc., are not included in the rental rate, unless specifically indicated in the details of the property booked on the HADRentals website. If you book any of the aforementioned extras, this information will be specified in the contract, which will include details of their characteristics, the number of units booked and the price per unit, as well as the total price of all extras booked.

III. Booking and payment conditions

1. Purpose: The booking and the contract are solely for tourism purposes, not for the purposes of business, the staging of events, advertising activities or activities of any other kind. We therefore decline all liability to companies or individuals for damages deriving from loss of earnings or any activity other than tourism.

2. Booking methods: Bookings can be made by telephone, email or through the website This notwithstanding, bookings only become binding when HADRentals receives the initial payment on account from the occupant.

3. Payment method: Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or bank card (credit or debit). Bank cheques, traveller’s cheques.

4. Payment by instalment: 

For holiday rentals: To confirm your reservation, you will be required to make a payment of 30% of the total price and the remaining amount will be due a minimum of 60 days before arrival. If you book less than 60 days before arrival, then the full payment 100% will be required to confirm your reservation.

For long term rentals: To confirm your reservation, you will be required to make a payment of one or two months rent (depending on the property). The remaining amount will be payable on the dates indicated in the payments schedule in your contract.

The payment conditions are described in the contract. Under no circumstances will you be handed the keys to the property until the full amount for the booking has been paid.

5. Booking cancellation on the grounds of breach of the payment conditions: Once more than 7 days have passed after a deadline for payment, the booking will automatically be cancelled without any refund of the amount already paid.

6. Cutting short your stay: If you decide to cut short your stay for any reason, you will not be entitled to any type of reimbursement, because your stay is booked as a unit and is subject to the number of nights stated in the contract

7. Request by occupant to change villa: A change of villa for a confirmed booking is not permitted, except for cases listed in Clause 10.

8. Request by occupant to change dates: If you wish to stay the same number of nights in the property that you booked, but you wish to bring forward the dates you initially chose, the following conditions must be complied with. HADRentals will consider your request, but will reserve the right to reject it

10. No-shows: Forty-eight (48) hours after the start of the stay, if you do not come to our offices or you do not show up on the date on which you have informed us you will arrive, the booking will be deemed cancelled and you will not be entitled to a discount or to a refund on the total booking price.

IV. Cancellation conditions

Should you cancel your booking, you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.

Reasons of force majeure such as weather conditions, epidemiological factors, public safety, air or coastal pollution, etc., shall under no circumstances lead to the full or partial refund of the booking amount.

VI. Security deposit

For holiday rentals, the amount of the security deposit will be indicated in the contract or confirmation and shall be paid at the time indicated in the payments schedule. The security deposit will be released maximum fourteen days after the end of your stay, provided an inspection has shown that the accommodation has not been damaged and that you have complied with all the conditions of use stated in this document.

For long term rentals, the amount of the security deposit will be indicated in the contract or confirmation and shall be paid at the time indicated in the payments schedule. It will be returned within 30 days of the end of your stay but only once we have deducted any sums corresponding to energy supply bills that may be outstanding. The security deposit will be retained until these bills are in our possession. You will lose the security deposit should you not comply with the departure conditions and the conditions of use.

The individual characteristics of the property may mean that it is subject to specific conditions with regard to the security deposit, and these will be defined in the special conditions of the accommodation.

VII. Taking possession of the property

You may take possession of the property during the hours established in the contract. When you arrive, you must already have paid the full amount corresponding to the booking, including any extras, before you can pick up the keys from the corresponding check-in address (address, date and time specified in your contract).

If you arrive after the hours stated in the contract, you must contact HADRentals to arrange the handover of keys. In such cases, a €50 supplement will be charged to cover the additional costs of sending a member of our team to facilitate entry into the property outside their normal working hours.

Once you have signed the contract, and the deposit corresponding to your stay has been paid, you will be given a single set of keys to the property you have booked.

VIII. Departure from the property

You must vacate the property before 10.00 am and the set of keys must be returned to us before that time. Please contact us one day before you leave to arrange your departure.

If you have not left the property by the time indicated, HADRentals may apply an extra charge of up to 1 day’s rental, since this delay seriously affects our cleaning and quality control procedures.

The property must be left in the same condition in which you found it, tidy and without any rubbish on the property. Otherwise, you will be charged a supplement as indicated in the special conditions of the contract, or in the event of serious damage, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Final cleaning of the property does not include dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils; the occupant will be responsible for cleaning these and for taking rubbish to the nearest communal waste bins. If you vacate the property leaving the dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils dirty or you leave rubbish in or around the property without depositing it in the nearest communal waste bin, you will be charged an additional €50 on the booking price. This charge would be deducted from the security deposit.

If you vacate the property and we find the furniture in a significantly different position, you will also be charged an additional €50. This would be deducted from the security deposit.

If any damage is identified or any items are found to be missing from the property after your departure, you will be charged in order to cover the cost of this damage.

IX. Conditions of use

If you breach these conditions of use and/or the departure conditions, we will automatically terminate this agreement and you will lose your security deposit.

a. Responsibilities of the undersigned occupant. When you book accommodation for other occupants (in addition to yourself), you become liable for the total rental price and for any damage caused by their behaviour and by the behaviour of all the others who occupy the rented accommodation. Nevertheless, legal responsibility falls on all the occupants of the property, to whom a legal claim may be made for the total damage caused by the group regardless of which person actually caused said damage. 
b. Maximum number of occupants: The booking is valid for the maximum number of occupants stated on the booking form and in the contract. Use of the accommodation by more than the specified number of occupants is not permitted.
c. Celebrations and parties: Holding parties or events with more than the maximum number of occupants authorised in the accommodation is absolutely forbidden. Breach of this clause will lead to the total cancellation of the booking without the right to a refund of the price paid. Furthermore it is strictly prohibited, due to local regulations, to make noise between the hours of 22:00pm and 8:00am.

d. Smoking inside the property is forbidden: Smoking is only permitted outside the property.

e. Pets: Pets are only permitted in properties that have been authorised by the owner according to the contract. 

f. Access to the property: During the stay, the accommodation is exclusively for your use. However, you are required to provide access to staff from the agency and other authorised persons during your stay to verify your compliance with your obligations as described in this document, to persons needing to clean the swimming pool and maintain the garden and make any repairs or to perform other tasks deriving from incidents occurring on the property during your stay. In any case, the staff at HADRentals will ring the doorbell or knock twice before entering the property and will only use the key if you do not answer the door. 

g. HADRentals reserves the right to annul or cancel the rental if there are threats or reasonable suspicion that you will cause serious damage to the property.

h. Electricity: For holiday rentals the cost of electricity consumption is included in the rental of our properties. All occupants are urged to make responsible and reasonable use of heating, air conditioning equipment and energy in general to avoid incurring additional costs during their stay.
It is forbidden to leave lights and especially air conditioning equipment on when you are not inside the property. For long term winter rentals, the cost of energy consumption (electricity, water, gas, gasoil…) shall be paid by the customer.
i. Cleaning costs: The cost of cleaning the accommodation at the end of your stay is included in the booking price and is subject to the provisions of Clause 8 of these general conditions. Any additional cleaning services requested during the stay will be subject to a supplement on the amount payable for the booking, and this must be paid before the cleaning takes place.
j. Bed linen and towels: Bed linen and towels are included in the rental price, but bed linen and towel changes during your stay are not included.
k. Keys to the property: You will be handed a full set of keys to the property on arrival. No additional sets of keys will be provided unless otherwise agreed. If you do not return the keys or they are mislaid, you will be charged an additional €100 to compensate the company and any subsequent occupants for damage and inconvenience. This amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

X. Changes to bookings or cancellation by HADRentals due to unforeseeable circumstances

HADRentals reserves the right to substitute the accommodation you book with similar accommodation in the event of a serious unforeseen event which makes it impossible for you to stay in the accommodation booked. If it is not possible to accommodate you in a similar property or the accommodation proposed is not to your liking, you will be offered alternative dates or your booking will be cancelled and the entire amount you have paid will be refunded to you. Refunds are limited to the amount you have paid to us, HADRentals shall under no circumstances be liable for further compensation.

XI. Benefits and liabilities

With the exception of typos, the information describing the accommodation offered is given in good faith based on inspections of the properties and the property owners’ statements. HADRentals undertakes that the accommodation is as described in its general conditions, although you understand and accept that there may be occasional changes to the contents as a consequence of their regular use, such as different electrical appliances, outdoor furniture or decorative items, which are replaced periodically.
HADRentals declines all liability for any changes affecting the accommodation or its surroundings which are not controlled directly by HADRentals. You specifically accept that you are not entitled to claim any compensation on the grounds of any of the following anomalies which are unforeseeable and cannot be prevented by HADRentals:
HADRentals will not be liable for possible errors in the descriptions of the properties made by tour operators or third party travel agencies.
1. Building work. In general, the properties are privately owned by a number of different individuals, and they are usually situated in large residential areas. Therefore, it may be the case that there is unexpected building work in progress in the surrounding area. This building work is usually carried out by property owners, building contractors or governmental organisations with whom HADRentals has no relationship, so HADRentals has no control over this work. Therefore, when booking the accommodation, you understand and accept that neither HADRentals nor the property owners are liable for any nuisance caused by building work which is not carried out by the Supplier of the accommodation.
2. Satellite/Cable TV: If the description states that there is satellite or cable TV in the property, this does not necessarily mean that it is possible to receive all the channels you would like. Property owners, most of whom are foreign, have decoders which do not necessarily receive all international channels, but just a selection of these. 
3. Water, electricity and Internet: Water cuts, electricity outages and Internet failures are not uncommon on the Costa Blanca, particularly when the area is catering for large numbers of visitors in the summer season. Municipal and/or regional authorities may decide to temporarily cut off or restrict supplies and services due to specific building work or exceptional situations. HADRentals and the property owner decline all liability for this type of inconvenience and for damages caused by these restrictions.
4. Accidents and thefts: Neither HADRentals nor the property owner accept liability for any loss, damage or injury (injuries, illness, death, material damage or theft) sustained by you or your companions during your stay. By booking the accommodation you accept that you are responsible for the safety and security of your own belongings and you understand that you may not hold HADRentals nor the owner of the property liable for any such incidents. To minimise the potential risks, you are urged to take particular care when using the cooker and the swimming pool areas, which pose additional risks to occupants. Please ensure that you correctly close and lock all the doors and windows of the property. These recommendations are particularly relevant when there are children and/or elderly people among the occupants.

5. Swimming pools and gardens: The maintenance, cleaning… of communal or private swimming pools and gardens is carried out by an external company with whom HADRentals has no relation. Therefore HADRentals cannot be held liable for anything related to these.

6. Communal facilities: The communal facilities (swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, jaccuzi’s, saunas, sport areas…) are managed by the community of owners therefore HADRentals cannot be held liable in case of closure or issues of these facilities.

7. Legal: It is solely, entirely and exclusively the owner’s responsibility to ensure that his property complies with all the current laws and regulations relating to the rental of touristic accommodations . You agree that HADRentals cannot be held liable in case of non-compliance.

XII. Suggestions and incident

It is important that you, as the occupant, agree and understand that some incidents naturally arise as a result of wear and tear on the property, and that on some occasions these are impossible to anticipate (for example, septic tank problems, boiler problems, broken taps, electrical faults, etc.); other incidents may be beyond our control (for example, general power cuts, building work in the surrounding area, noise from neighbours or animals, insect problems, etc.).
We at HADRentals will do everything within our means to resolve or minimise the impact of any incidents occurring during your stay. This notwithstanding, by booking your stay you agree that HADRentals shall be responsible solely for matters over which it has control and a real capacity to resolve during your stay, and that certain events, particularly during the high season, may take longer to resolve than you might wish, because they require assistance from specialised suppliers whose availability is not guaranteed.
We would kindly ask you to assist us in detecting any issues and to report these as accurately as possible; please inform our team politely and with a constructive attitude, bearing in mind that they are committed to doing everything they can to resolve the problem, but in order to do so, they need your assistance and respect.
Incidents must be reported by telephone 0034 602 088 466 or email, not through third parties.

XIII. Validity and contractual term

The contractual relationship is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Torrevieja, which will resolve any complaints or disputes in connection with stays in our accommodation.

XIV. Data Protection

Pursuant to Statutory Law 15/1999 on protection of data of a personal nature, you are hereby notified that your data will be included in a customer database by this company, for business purposes and to send you further information. You are also notified that you may exercise your right to access, correct and cancel your information.

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